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C-Holidays Bungalows

You can enjoy affordable holidays on the beach with C-Holidays. You can choose from various bungalow types. The bungalows can hold 2 to 6 guests depending on the type. The furnished bungalows can be rented all year round.

The bungalows are located in the beautiful dunes between Nieuwpoort and Ostend at a 5 minute walk from the sea.

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Good to know

  • Parking

    Free parking facilities for cars and bicycles are available. You can also rent a garage unit if you prefer.

  • Pets

    In some of the houses, your faithful four-legged friends are also very welcome. Dogs also deserve a holiday!

  • Breakfast

    Enjoy our delicious breakfast buffet or order "breakfast" cakes from reception and pick them up in the morning. Freshly baked for your enjoyment!

  • Practical and comfortable

    Every house has its own living room, an enclosed garden and a complete kitchen.

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