Gift cards

The best gift for friends and family

Give a C-Hotels gift card as a gift. This way, you not only give a gift you can look forward to, but more importantly, a gift they will always remember. Our gift cards can be used for an overnight stay or a breakfast buffet in one of the C-Hotels of your choice.

Give the gift card for a birthday, corporate gift, the holidays or just...just like that.

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A breakfast buffet to dream away

We value our breakfast. The best products, a beautiful interior and the ideal start to the day. Choose how many people you give a gift voucher for. For one or four people. Or let your favourite person enjoy several breakfast sessions on a day of your choice!

  • Three-star hotels

    Breakfast costs 20€

  • Four-star hotels

    A breakfast buffet with sea view costs €30

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C HOTELS Continental 06 19 Modellen 9 I7 A4307 Klein C HOTELS Zeegalm 07 19 Ontbijt 9 I7 A6832 Klein

A stay at the seaside

Nothing better than getting a breath of fresh air at your favourite seaside spot. Or isn't the gift of a seaside getaway even better? You give an amount of your choice and they choose where, when and how long they stay. Be it Ostend, Middelkerke, Blankenberge or De Panne!

  • Validity

    Did you know that our gift cards are valid for two years?

  • Amount of your choice

    Choose the value of the gift card yourself

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel a purchased gift card?

It is not possible to cancel a purchased gift card. You can, of course, use it yourself.

How long are the gift cards valid?

A gift card for a breakfast buffet or an overnight stay at one of our hotels is valid for two years from the purchase date of the voucher.

Can I partially use the gift card?

It is perfectly possible to use the gift voucher partially. In the case of a breakfast buffet, you can split the number of people. When it comes to an overnight stay, you can pay what amount you use. You can use the remaining amount next time.

Can I book online with a gift card?

You can make an online reservation via our website. For this, you will need a valid credit card. Please mention the voucher code and value in the comments of your reservation. Our reception staff will process this in your reservation. This way, only the remaining amount needs to be paid with your credit card.
Alternatively, you can always contact your favourite hotel.

Which means of payment can I use to purchase a gift voucher online?

You can pay for a gift voucher with either a debit or credit card of the Visa or Mastercard brand. It is only possible to use a debit card equipped with a CVC code. Maestro is not possible. There is, however, a possibility to determine with PayPal. That way you can still pay with Maestro.
If you want to pay in cash or by bank transfer, it is best to contact your favourite hotel. Or just pop in.

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