Wellness in Ostend

At Hotel Andromeda, hotel guests have exclusive access to the completely renovated swimming pool and wellness complex. Everything there meets the latest standards and insights in terms of heavenly enjoyment, relaxation, tranquillity, wellness and body care.

C HOTELS Andromeda Spa Wellness 06 2020 9 I7 A9091 Klein

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Besides the pool, this infrastructure includes a Hammam, a Finnish sauna, a biosauna, a Jacuzzi, a large chill zone and a beauty centre.

'State of the art' water treatment

What is undoubtedly unique is the technology used, with the pool and jacuzzi being controlled by a chlorine-free water treatment plant from Ospa, in connoisseur circles the 'Rolls Royce' among pool systems. The system creates top-quality swimming water, fresh as spring water, kind to the eyes and skin, oxygen-rich and without the nasty pool smell.

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